Our partnership with industry leaders like Dekalb Seeds, Asgrow Seeds, Precision Planting, and 360 Yield Center enables us to offer a range of products that are engineered for excellence.

close up of corn being picked in field


DEKALB® is a national seed brand providing corn, grain sorghum, alfalfa, spring and winter canola to farmers in all regions. The winged corn ear is…

Close up view of a mature soybean plant.


Asgrow® is one of Monsanto’s various seed brands. Asgrow seeds feature many Monsanto technologies including RoundUp-Ready 2 Yield. Asgrow sells sunflower, corn, alfalfa, spring canola,…

John Deere Planter Upgrade Precision Planting

Precision Planting

Precision Planting is the headquarters for new ideas and technology that contribute to better seed spacing, better depth control and better root systems. The scope…

Boost yields by an average of 13.8 bushels per acre with 360 Y-DROP.

360 Yield Center

360 Yield Center™ gives you the power to sense, decide and apply what you need to maximize yield. Sense – 360 SOILSCAN helps you sense the signals…

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